Plus Size Open Bottom Girdle

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results

Open Bottomed Girdles

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Do you worry about your hips? Panic every time you need to slip into a pair of tight dress or a nice pencil skirt? Then you need an open bottomed girdle. A simple, sleek option, the open bottomed girdle gives you all the tummy and hip support of a standard girdle, but without the restricting crotch closure. Instead, it’s like wearing a thin underskirt – one that shapes, slims and perfects your figure without wrinkling your clothes or creating unsightly bulges. The lightweight design and variety of styles mean you will always be able to find a girdle you love for any occasion.

The open bottomed girdle is the smaller, sleeker option for women who only want to perfect their hips and outer thighs. Strong yet light and breathable control material lightly compress your stomach and hips, creating that killer silhouette that women all over the world crave. No matter what your shape or size, you can still achieve that perfect, smooth curve from waist to hip that characterises the hourglass figure. Our plus sized open bottomed girdles can be pulled on or some feature a side zip opening to make putting them on and taking them off a much simpler task!

Our open bottomed girdles also come equipped with attached suspenders to help you create a perfect look that will last all day. Say goodbye to endlessly tugging at tights or hoisting up hold ups – simply clip your hold ups onto your girdle with a set of simple, subtle clasps. When you’re ready to take them off or just need a change, simply undo the clasps. No tearing or under strain is put on your tights, so they can last longer and look flawless all day long. The ideal accompaniment to any skirt or dress, a good open bottomed girdle is something no well-dressed woman should be without.

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