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Showing all 10 results

Suspender & Belts

The idea of a lace suspender belt underneath that slinky skirt has long been the symbol of sexiness for men and women alike, and now you can experience that for yourself. Not only a sultry and sexy item, plus sized suspender belts also serve a practical function – holding your tights up and stopping you being constantly annoyed by sagging crotches or wrinkles. Simply clip on and forget about them.

Depending on where you wear your suspender belt (and what for), you will want different things. You might want something smooth, soft and lineless for during the day at work, but change into something darker, silkier and sexier after hours. Our range of plus sized suspender belts is designed with you in mind, and you will find a wide variety of styles in stock. From PVC to lace, satin to silk and cotton or leather, you can almost pick your suspender belt based on your mood!

Using a suspender belt can not only make you feel sexy, but they are also a hygienic and practical item for many women. If you find yourself living in skirts, a suspender belt can prolong the life of your hold ups or stockings whilst be preventing any hygiene issues. Free up your thighs and feel like you can move again with a simple belt and never be constrained by tights again! Our range of plus size suspender belts are available with metal clasps, hook and eye fastenings or lace ties, so your options are really endless.

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