Plus Size Non Wired Bras

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Wire Free Plus Size Bras

Shopping for a decent bra on the high street is hard work, particularly if you’re looking for a non-wired style. Not just because it’s an incredibly personal thing that you’re having to do in a crowd, but also because it’s really hard to get right. Especially if you’re a plus sized woman.

At Natural Curves we stock only the highest quality of non-wired bras in larger sizes. With a range of sizes and styles, you are guaranteed to find your perfect match here. Whether you like soft and light or firm and padded, we have a variety of styles in both. From delicate, lace covered cups to sheer, satin, sports or soft cotton. Sexy or practical, you’ll find plenty of both. Our plus sized non-wired bras are perfect for any woman who has recently undergone surgery, as they provide soft and comfortable support that won’t cause any strain or risk injury.

A good bra should set you up to feel fantastic all day. Many women out there don’t like the feeling of underwire, or can’t wear it for practical reasons, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on wearing beautiful bras. Our range of non-wired bras has been carefully selected to offer as much choice as possible, so you can find your perfect combination of style, size and material every time. Whether you need a day to day wears bra, something sparkly for a special occasion or a high impact support bra for sports, you will find it here.