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Plus Size Bras

Lingerie experts believe that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, with most wearing a back size that is too big and a cup size that is too small. Not only does this mean that we aren’t supporting our breasts in the right way, it also means that we aren’t showing off our figures to their best potential. Wearing a correctly fitting bra can totally transform your figure. Carefully chosen plus size lingerie can put your curves back in the right places and change your silhouette dramatically. Here at Natual Curves our Plus size Bras form an integral part of our plus size lingerie collection and we are sure that you we will find one or maybe more that is ideal for you! Bra sizes do vary by manufacturer so if you need any advice or help about the correct size to order please either refer to our Bra Fitting Page or contact us direct, we will be more than happy to help. Make sure your Bra is a good fit Things to look out for when choosing your new large cup bra: 1) The back strap should be tight not loose around your body but still be comfortable. 2) The strap that goes around your body should be horizontal and it should not ride up or be at an angle – You can check this by looking side on in a mirror. 3) The wires in the front of your bra should be completely flat against your rib cage. They should not dig into your flesh, rub against your body or poke out at the sides. 4) Both of your breasts should be fully enclosed within the cups and you should have a completely smooth line where the material at the top of the cup ends and meets your breast. 5) There should be no bulges or ridges either at the side of the bra or over the top of the cups.

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Alexis Padded Bra With Moulded Cup

Alexis Padded Bra for the fuller figure from the Parfait Collection by Affinitas.

£40.00 £35.99
Alice Underwired Bra

Alice Underwired Bra from Ulla Dessous up to G cup. (UK EE cup)

£86.00 £79.99
Alice Underwired Bra & Cami

Alice Underwired Bra Liner from Ulla Dessous up to G cup. (UK EE cup)

£105.00 £96.99
Alice Underwired Bra H to I Cup

Alice Underwired Bra from Ulla Dessous up to I cup. (UK G cup)

£90.00 £84.99
Alice Underwired Bra K to L Cup

Alice Underwired Bra from Ulla Dessous up to L cup. (UK I cup)

£92.00 £86.99
Amelie Underwired Bra

Amelie Underwired White Bra from Ulla up to 52G.

£82.00 £75.99
Amelie Underwired Bra up to L Cup

Amelie Underwired Black Bra from Ulla up to L cup

£92.00£96.00 £87.99£89.99
Angel Brasselette

Low back plunge long line Brasselette lined with fibrefill in Satin. Up to 40D

£72.00 £66.99
Ann Underwired Bra

Ann Underwired Bra from Ulla up to 48G.

£85.00 £79.99
Ann Underwired Bra H to I cup

Ann Underwired Bra from Ulla up to 44I.

£90.00 £84.99
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